Great mindsets do great things

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1. Environment:

Individuals who are at this level focus on the external, objective components and deem the occurrences of problems are the faults of others or that the environment is not favourable to them.

2. Behaviours:

Individuals who possess this mindset concentrates on their behaviours and they manifest through more action.

3. Capabilities:

People with this mindset are concerned about their skill upgrading for they consider the lack of capabilities as the root cause of problems, and its manifestation is: learn, learn, and learn.

4. Values and Beliefs:

Once you arrive at this level, aim for what matters most to yourself and what you want. The motto you should live by is to do what is right.

Never calculate the gains and losses, act on the basis of whether it is right.

5. Identity:

Asking yourself who you want to become can be challenging. Nonetheless the answer to the question shapes who you are in the future.

6. Spirituality:

Attain a level of spirituality provokes you to contemplate your relationship with the world around you and what change you will bring about.

The top three levels influence the bottom three levels

The relationship between the top three and bottom three levels is akin to that between an object and its shadow. The shadow changes when the object changes.

How to raise your neurological level?

1. The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle was formulated by the inspirational speaker, Simon Sinek. It suggests we start questioning progressively from within to without, instead of the reverse like how an onion is peeled.

Credits: Simon Sinek

2. Think of your Mission, Vision and Character

Leaders must possess the following:

3. Consider the time dimension

When we consider an issue within a short time frame, the prospects could seem bleak.

Mindsets determine the future

One’s level of success will be commensurate with his neurological levels.

I've long believed that a certain system — which almost any intelligent person can learn — works way better than the systems that most people use. What you need is a latticework of mental models in your head. And, with that system, things gradually get to fit together in a way that enhances cognition.

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